Training Partnerships

training-partnerships-01Move over regular share ownership, there’s a more exciting type of share ownership on the horizon. Those in the know got it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Buy a share in a racehorse and join the dream now!

Imagine the excitement of going to the races as an owner. Experience the anticipation when the horses line up at the start. Feel the buzz as your horse jumps out of the gates. Rise to the thrill as they thunder down the straight and rocket towards the finish. Experience the ecstasy of the win!

This can all be yours when you buy into a racehorse with Terry. With a share, you become part of the Terry Evans Racing Team and this entitles you to V.I.P. status in Terry’s eyes. He knows that you, the owner, is just as important as the horse… and he treats you accordingly.

It’s not a sea change and it’s not a tree change… but it is an undeniably exciting life change.

If you’d like more information, please email us at or call Terry directly on 0417 225 608.