About Terry Evans Racing

about-terry-evans-2Terry Evans is a passionate man and a very successful Race Horse Trainer who has spent his life around, and working with, horses. In short, he’s a man who really knows his business…and that business is now on course at Tuncurry Race Track.

Years of accumulated wisdom combined with good old fashioned “horse sense” guided Terry to locate his business in Tuncurry, a town excellently situated in close proximity to metropolitan, provincial and country tracks.

Terry’s friends and business acquaintances describe him as a true horseman. Ten years of running JT Thoroughbreds, a well established and successful pre-training, breaking and spelling business, provided him with the opportunity to work for, and learn from, some of Sydney’s leading trainers. The expertise and experience gained from this “apprenticeship” is the foundation on which his current training career is built.

Believing emphatically in a hands-on approach, Terry guides his small, dedicated team from triumphant success to triumphant success as they win races with horses other trainers have sidelined. As Terry explains, “That’s because we treat each horse in our care as an individual, with needs that must be met with the highest standard of care”. It’s a sound philosophy.