Our Horse Training Facilities

Horse Training FacilitiesIdeally situated directly behind the Tuncurry Racetrack, where advantage can be taken of all the excellent facilities the training complex offers, you will find Terry’s stables: And what an advantage that is!

This great location means that all the horses under Terry’s capable and experienced care have access to the magnificent Tuncurry track and inner training track, which is a big as Sydney’s oldest and most famous racecourse at Randwick. The Tuncurry track has a sensational 400m straight which, combined with the superb swimming facilities of the giant dam which graces the centre of the Tuncurry track and the course’s close proximity to some of the best beaches in Australia, enables Terry to keep your horses fresh, fit and in peak condition.

facilities-2Terry’s stables are perfectly located to bring together the best of all worlds for the horses in his care. With a huge dam and nearby beaches to swim in and wonderful track work facilities to keep them in fantastic shape, is it any wonder that your horses are healthy and happy!

Horse Holidays

We all need a rest; a holiday if you like; and horses are no different. Knowing the importance of giving your horses the right amount of time off away from the track, Terry spells the horses on his beautiful property at Rainbow Flat, just 10 minutes drive away. The Rainbow Flat property is horse heaven! That’s where the horses in Terry’s care can just be horses and… dare I say it… just “horse around”. There, every need is catered for under Terry’s watchful eye until the horses are ready to return to prepare to be race ready.

The icing on the cake comes in the form of Terry’s splendid tow vehicle and 4 horse side angle float that ensures your horse can race at locations that some others might find logistically a bit tough. With such luxurious surrounding and expert care, what more could you or your horses want?